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Working at Camp Massad is a truly rewarding experience filled with opportunity for growth. When you join our team, you will spend the summer gaining and sharing valuable career skills and leadership opportunities among a group of like-minded peers and mentors. We hire to the highest standards, complementing our counselors who return year after year, and more often than not grew up at Massad, with staff from Israel and Europe to give our campers a wider cultural perspective. When you join our team, you become part of the lifelong Massad mishpacha!

We train staff extensively before, during and after the summer so that together we can uphold Massad's mission, vission and values and our staff standard of excellence. We prepare our staff to be Jewish role models by investing time during pre-camp to launch our summer theme and unpack it together. Each theme is chosen based on its ability to highlight a core Jewish value we want to instill in our campers and staff. Examples of our past themes include Hineni and Am Echad Lev Echad. As we explore each of these themes, we take a closer look at how our Dugma Ishit (leading by example), shape our camp culture and the people around us.

Start dreaming of your own Massad summer! If you have a positive attitude, commitment to safety, a determination to giving your campers the summer of their lives, and enjoy living in a beautiful camp environment, Camp Massad is where you should be calling home all summer!


Camp Director

Brenda Lerman

Like so many of you,
Machane Massad is my home –
it is my past, my present and my future.
My Massad journey began as a Geza Alef camper in 1990 and culminated in a Rosh Malam position in 2001-2002. Despite the many years of higher education that I was later fortunate to receive, it is those years spent on the Rosh team that truly kickstarted the development of my professional and leadership toolbox. For the past 15 years, I have run my law practice with these skills in my back pocket. In 2011, not being able to resist the call back to camp, I joined the Massad board of directors. For many of those years, but most notably in the years I spent as President, I have shared with so many of you how this small nook in the middle of the Laurentians shaped, transformed and inspired my life choices. Massad made me a strong and proud Jewish woman. Massad is where I met my husband, Jon. Massad provides a home away from home for my children, Oli and Julia. I could not be prouder to lead Massad into the future.
Associate Director


Hi everyone!!! I am unbelievably excited for Kayitz 2024 to be returning for my ninth summer at Machane Massad and my fourth year as Associate Director.
This year, I will be pivoting my role in camp to use my skills in a slightly new way. Using my education and experiences as a social worker, camp person, Massadnik and mother of 4, I will be providing training, guidance and support to our Roshim and Tzevet, before camp, during precamp and throughout the summer. My goal is to help each member of our team be the best possible versions of themselves while ensuring that every camper and staff in camp feels deeply connected to each other and our entire extended Massad Mishpacha and who are all prepared to continue our legacy for our 77th summer and beyond. Everyone should feel as I do in the place that we all love, at Machane Massad, where going to camp means coming home.
Assistant Director

sarah golombek

My name is Sarah Golombek and I am so thrilled to be returning to Machane Massad for my 14th summer — this time, as Assistant Director.
I will continue to head the camper care team, supporting the psychosocial, emotional, and developmental needs of all campers. I will also be working with Unit Roshim and staff in the Eidah to support them in forging connections with campers and each other. I have been a proud Massadnik for the past 15 years and I cannot wait to take the next step in my Massad journey in Kayitz 2024! See you soon Massadniks!
Camper care specialist

zoe nadler

My name is Zoe and I am so excited to be joining the Camper Care team at Massad for Kayitz 2024!
I was a camper myself at Massad from 2006-2012 (go Malam ’13!). I started working on the Agam in 2014 and was Rosh Agam in 2016 and 2017. In 2019 I was Rosh Mivtzah, and I’ve been campsick ever since! Aside from camp, I have an MEd in Educational Psychology and am now working at Akiva School as an Educational Assistant in both general and Judaic studies. Camp Massad is truly my home-away-from-home. I am so grateful for the opportunity to help guide our campers through the magic experience of camp, and to help them develop skills, Jewish values, and lifelong friendships.
Camper care specialist

jess pink

Hello! My name is Jess, hailing from out east, a proud Haligonian! I can’t wait to join the Machane Massad family!

As a lifelong camper and staff member (17 years!!), I truly believe that summer camp is the best place for campers and staff to foster independence, lifelong friendships, and love of Jewish identity. I’m excited to weave my educational background in social work into camp this summer on the Camper Care Team. I can’t wait to support each camper and allow them to shine and have a successful summer.

Rosh Tochnit

michal jacobs

Shalom all Massdanikim,
I am Michal
After a wonderful summer 2023 as program director, I’m excited to return to my summer home and bring Israel to Machane Massad. Here in Israel, I work as an occupational therapist in kindergartens for kids with disabilities. I truly believe in Massad’s values and feel lucky to be part of this wonderful family. After a challenging year in the State of Israel, we now know clearly that sticking together is the best way to go.  Our strength is in our unity – ביחד ננצח.  I am excited to see the familiar faces of all the campers, play nine-square, and sing Shabbat songs in the Chadar.  תמיד מוכן!.
Rosh operatziot

roey wunsh

Hey Mishpachat Massad 🙂 For those who don’t know me, my name is Roey, eldest of the Wunsh clan.
I spent the summers of 2013 & 2014 at Machane Massad and was ecstatic it worked out for me to return as Rosh Operations last summer. I spent this past year as a commander in one of the IDF’s elite training programs, a program I myself completed around four years ago. Unfortunately, this has also been a very complicated year for the army, the State of Israel, and the entire Jewish people. On 10/7 I was woken by sirens and by the evening I was already in a war room dealing with emergencies arising because of the war. The war has effected the past months for me on many different levels, as a soldier, as an Israeli and as a Jew. We have witnessed a rise in global antisemitism, and this proves more than ever, the need for Jewish education. I plan to spend my time at camp bringing with me my identity as a Massadnik, a Jew and an Israeli. On a less serious note, for me Massad really does mean coming home and am excited to have the most fun summer ever!!!
work at camp massad

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