Ages 7-15


EMEK - עמק / Junior Side

Shoresh (grade1-2), Geza (grade 3-4), Anaf (grade 5-6)

Shoresh, Geza and Anaf are perfect for new and returning campers alike. In these units, campers experience everything Massad has to offer!

GALIL - גליל / Senior Side

Tzameret (grade 7-9)

The Tzameret program brings the Camp experience to a whole new level!

Ages 16-17

Hadracha - הדרכה

This two year, value-based, experiential curriculum is designed to ensure that all graduates are trained to be confident, dedicated, and thoughtful leaders both within the Camp Massad community, and within their respective communities at home.


Junior CITs (grade 10)

The Machon program is rooted in concrete and abstract experiences that allow participants to explore values related to leadership through hands-on activities and workshops.



Senior CITs (grade 11)

In their Malam year, participants will have the opportunity to put their knowledge and experiences surrounding values into action through time spent on placement and through their summer-long Malam project, in which they work together as a team to identify and execute a project that gives back to the Camp Massad community.


Starter Camp

Exclusively offered to campers in grades 1-6, our 2-week starter sessions allows first-time campers to seemlessly experience the magic of Massad and will surely leave them wanting more!



Swim instruction, free swim, boating, water-skiing


Baseball, basketball, football, tennis, soccer, volleyball

Creative Arts
אמנות כללי

Arts & crafts, dance, music, drama, Camp play

Teva/ Nature

Outdoor cooking, hiking, overnights, canoe trips


תכנית היום

Jewish values and practices are woven into our everyday programming with deliberation and purpose. Jewish and secular programming is merged in order to foster campers’ personal growth by immersing them in everyday Jewish learning opportunities with campers of every age group. This model encourages friendships among all campers and, thereby, broadens their access to diversity, varying perspectives.

As campers attend various activities throughout the day, Jewish values such as a sense of Kehilah (commmunity), Derech Eretz (common decency) and Achrayut (responsibility) are woven into our camp culture.

At Massad, campers will choose their activities for the day. Follow your interests, hone your skills and/or try something new!

08:30 Tefillah,Mifkad Boker, Aruchat Boker, Pegishat Eidah
11:00 Peulah Alef
12:00 Peulah Bet
13:00 Aruchat Tzohorayim, Menucha
14:30 Pegishat Eidah
15:00 Peulah Gimel
16:00 Shekem
16:15 Peulah Daled
17:15 Peulah Hay
18:15 Mifkad Erev, Aruchat Erev
20:00 Peulat Erev
21:15 Emek curfew
22:15 Galil curfew

Special Programs

Overnight camping trips
טיולי קמפינג

Our tripping program offers campers of all ages and skill levels the opportunity to experience an outdoor camping experience in the beautiful setting of the Laurentian mountains.

Grey Cup
גראי קפ

Grey Cup is one of the most anticipated events of the summer. Every camper and staff member looks forward to the exciting breakout, followed by two days of football madness!


The grand finale! The colour war of all colour wars! This three-day competition divides the camp into two teams who compete with astounding passion for the glory of the win that goes down in the history books!


One of our most exhilarating Jewish, Zionist programs of the summer is Ma’apilim where our campers and staff get the opportunity to take a glimpse into the past. Taking place in the middle of the night, Ma'apilim reinacts the journey to Palestine from Europe in the 1940s

Israel Day
יום ישראל

A camp-wide program that celebrates the beautifully diverse aspects of Israeli culture. Campers are immersed into intentionally crafted programs throughout the day that lend to the simulation of being in Eretz Irsrael!

Sports Festival
פסטיבל ספורט

A day-long sports competition between the all Montreal Jewish camps. It’s an opportunity to see friends from other camps and show them how strong our Massad ruach really is as we spend the whole day cheering on our team!

Jewish life
חוואי ישראלי


A vital aspect of our organization’s mission since its inception has been the transmission and continuance of the Hebrew language.


As a traditional Jewish camp, our days begin in camp-wide morning prayer with a full Shacharit.


Shabbat is perhaps the most memorable experience that a Massadnik carries with them for life.

Tisha B'av
תשעה באב

Tisha B’Av at Camp Massad is an unforgettable experience. We invite our alumni to join us for a special evening including dinner, a presentation, and Eicha service.

Israeli Life
יום ישראל

At Massad, we don't just teach our campers about Israel - we afford them endless opportunities to experience Israel with all of their senses. Camp Massad instills in all campers a respect and love for Eretz Yisrael and its diverse peoples, cultures and history. Campers are educated about Israel through ongoing use of the Hebrew language (עברית), song, dance, and unique programs and activities.

General Information

Health and Safety

The health, safety, and emotional well-being of our campers are the top priority of every Camp Massad staff member. We hire our staff carefully and train them extensively so that each camper will get attentive, caring, skilled support all summer long.

Camper Care and Wellness

The health and safety of our campers and staff remain our highest priority. All camp health professionals are fully informed about health issues prior to camp and they communicate with campers’ families during the summer should there be a need.


Through our in-house run kitchen, we aim to ensure that our food is delicious, healthy, and kid-friendly, with lots of choice. In addition to the hot meal served, our campers will also always have the option of a breakfast / salad bar available to them.