About Camp Massad


Who we are

Camp Massad is a family. Still loyal to our founding charter, we are a Hebrew-speaking, Jewish and Zionist summer camp for campers aged 7-17 tucked away in the majestic Laurentian mountains. Since 1947, Machane Massad has represented the distinctive brand of Montreal pluralism founded in modern Orthodox practice but welcoming to children from all Jewish backgrounds. Our focus on experiential Jewish programming, centred on our core values, encourages each camper to gain independence and explore personal development within a nurturing and respectful environment. We offer Jewish youth an opportunity to experience the joy, substance and meaning of living a Jewish daily life in a way that equips them to embrace Jewish practice as they take their place within their community.

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Inspiring lives

our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that every camper enjoys a fun, safe, and nurturing summer through meaningful Jewish experiences rooted in a Shabbat observant and Zionist environment. Campers are embraced into our Massad family, all the while being enveloped by our רוח, and our מסורת מסד. Through our quality programs, our campers benefit from individualized attention, skill-development, and take pride in their accomplishments. In our inclusive community, campers and staff form lifelong friendships, and are inspired to live a Jewish life.

A Massad Summer

our Vision

Campers of all different Jewish backgrounds are encouraged to explore their Jewish identity and connection to Israel, while participating in fun and engaging activities, developing new skills, and making lifelong friendships.

Our Values


The observance and celebration of Shabbat and Mitzvot.

מסורת ורוח

To continue and honour the Massad traditions and its rich, distinct atmosphere.


To strengthen the love and commitment to the land of Israel, Jewish culture and the Hebrew language.


To foster an environment where lifelong friendships are nurtured, and creating a sense of family and unity within the camp.

הצלחה וצמיחה

A commitment to creating quality programs that enrich and challenge participants to grow and excel, to strive for success and flourish, appreciating that we are creating tomorrow’s leaders.

Our History

75 Years of Rich History

Machane Massad's Founding


Our Board of Directors


Milan Bratin


Stephanie Steinman


Adam Atlas


Ali Lydynia

camp Director

Brenda Lerman