Activities at Camp

Our campers enjoy their days in the clean mountain air.

Waterfront אגם

Our waterfront is the best place to be on hot summer days, with lots of motorized and non-motorized water sports, as well as ample swimming areas. Camp has a semi-private bay where our canoes, kayaks, and sailboats operate.

Our lifeguards are all bronze-med and CPR-certified (just like all our staff), and all have prior experience working with children and in water sports.

Our waterski program provides a wonderful opportunity for campers to try their hand at waterskiing and wake-boarding.

Sports ספורט

Sports is an integral part of camp life. It teaches children about teamwork and cooperation, and being active leads to a healthy lifestyle. Our excellent sports facilities provide these opportunities to our campers.

Our large sports field houses our baseball, basketball football, and tennis court facilities, while up in gall we have additional tennis courts, soccer field, and basketball court. We offer some unique sporting activities, such as bocce and frolf, as well as our camp-wide football tournament, Grey Cup.

Creative Arts אמנות כללי

The Creative Arts program offers four disciplines of artistic direction including arts and crafts, dance, music, and drama. Camp also has a glee club, which performs in an inter-camp glee competition.

In addition we put on a stage play every summer. Our campers love putting on musicals or dramas. They spend hours each week preparing for the big show, which is a great evening all of camp looks forward to.

Teva/Nature טבע

Our Teva program introduces campers to the wonders of the natural world. From multi-day hiking trip, to day canoe trips, and even just exploring the woods surrounding our camp - our trained staff offer our campers an exciting glimpse into the secrets of our Earth.

Our older campers travel on day canoe trips and our most senior campers travel on 2 or 3-day overnights in the Mont Tremblant park. In Outdoor Cooking, our campers get to build fires and cook basic food staples over them, including making their own pitas!