Camp Massad Blog

Meet Maayan E.: Counsellor & Unit specialist

What's your position this summer?
Counsellor & Unit Specialist

What are you going to be doing?
I'm going to be helping other staff run their activities, tend to campers and plan/run some night activities.

When did you start going to Camp?

What's your favourite Camp Cheer?
Kulam x4

What's your favourite Camp Song?

What's your favourite Camp Meal?
Mac and Cheese

What's your favourite summer activity, and why?
Grey Cup, because I love the competition and coaching my girls!

"____" Ba'Agam Bli Beged Yam?

What's your best memory of Camp? What made it so?
My best camp memory is from every year as a camper, the first day back when we get off the bus and reunite with all our friends and get to see who our staff will be.