Camp Massad Blog

Meet Yael G.: Shinshinit

What's your position this summer?


What are you going to be doing?

I am a young Israeli emissary. During camp I will be leading activities that have a connection to Israel, hanging out with the different bunks, and generally becoming part of the Massad family. :)

When did you start going to Camp?

This is my first time in a sleepover camp

What's your favourite Camp Cheer?

I'm really excited to learn all of the Massad cheers

What's your favourite Camp Song?

What's your favourite Camp Meal?

Shoko in a bag ;)

What's your favourite summer activity, and why?

I love hiking in Israel and travelling around, since I enjoy finding new places and new having experiences. Besides, adding a cooling refresher such as ice cream is always a bonus.

"____" Ba'Agam Bli Beged Yam?


What's your best memory of Camp? What made it so?

I'm looking forward to making so many good memories with everyone this summer! It's going to be a great summer.