Camp Massad Blog

Meet Oren S.: Counsellor & Unit Specialist

What's your position this summer?

General Staff with Specialty on Unit

What are you going to be doing?

Running activities, having fun with the kids, and most of all, dancing.

When did you start going to Camp?


What's your favourite Camp Cheer?


What's your favourite Camp Song?

Oof Gozal (dedicated to my campers, lez oiseaux)

What's your favourite Camp Meal?

Breakfast, anything with french fries and/or potatoes

What's your favourite summer activity, and why?

Dancing with Zak B, there's nothing quite like it

"____" Ba'Agam Bli Beged Yam?

Big O aka Holtzman, Joshua Holtzman

What's your best memory of Camp? What made it so?

Going rappelling, zip-lining, and White Water rafting in Malam, Grey Cup in Anaf Alef, being on dance placement, and sleeping in the sports shack as a staff.