Camp Massad Blog

Meet Madison G.: Counsellor & Unit Specialist

What's your position this summer?

General Counsellor with Specialty on Unit

What are you going to be doing?

I'm going to be helping out with different activities throughout the summer.

When did you start going to Camp?

2009 when I was 10!

What's your favourite Camp Cheer?

I'll find out this summer

What's your favourite Camp Song?

I'll find out this summer!

What's your favourite Camp Meal?

I'll find out this summer!!

What's your favourite summer activity, and why?

Swimming and spending time outside in the sun because you don't get to do this in our cold winters!

"____" Ba'Agam Bli Beged Yam?

Ask me at the end of the summer

What's your best memory of Camp? What made it so?

My best camp memory was my second summer at camp when I got to see all my friends that I had made the summer before because I had missed them so much! But I can't wait to make new memories!